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Amiga 3.5 OS - the very latest Amiga OS for all Amiga models (it requires 3.1 Kickstart ROM

and a CD-ROM drive) £14.95 Amiga 3.1 OS for A1200

Full version of OS 3.1 with ROM chips £39.95 Amiga 3.1 OS for A1200 ROMs only

ROM chips for the A1200 £25.95 Amiga 3.1 OS for A3000

Full version of OS 3.1 with ROM chips £39.95 Amiga 3.1 OS for A3000 ROMs only

ROM chips for the A3000 £25.95 Amiga 3.1 OS for A4000

Full version of OS 3.1 with ROM chips £39.95 Amiga 3.1 OS for A4000 ROMs only

ROM chips for the A4000 £25.95 Amiga 3.1 OS for A500/600/2000

Full version of OS 3.1 with ROM chips £35.95

Amiga 3.1 OS for A500/600/2000 ROMs only

ROM chips for the A500/600/2000 £19.95 Amiga 3.1 OS disk set & 4 manuals

Software & manuals only (no ROMs) £19.95 Amiga 3.1 OS disk set only - software only £9.95

For all SCSI cables, spares please call or see our ecommerce web site.

NEW OS 3.9



Accelerator Board for the Amiga 600 with 40MHz 68030 and MMU, socket for optional 68882 FPU, socket for one optional 72-pin SIMM for up to 32MB

autoconfiguring 32-bit FastRAM. £79.95 MEMORY EXPANSION BOARDS

A1208 Bare £34.95 A1208 with 8MB SIMM £44.95 A500+ 1MB Chip RAM - Expand Chip RAM £19.95 A500 2MB RAM £49.95 A600 1MB Chip RAM £24.95 CDTV 2MB RAM £49.95 Mini Mega Chip - 2MB Chip £79.95



Apollo 1240/40 Ficd.90 Blizzard 1240 68040 40MHZ £409.99 Blizzard 1260 68060 SOMHZ (for A1200 Tower only) £219.95

Blizzard SCSI-2 Kit - for 1240/1260 £69.95 200MHZ PPC 603/68040 33MHz - N/A SCSI £249.95 200MHZ PPC 603/68040 33MHz - with SCSI £309.95 200MHZ PPC 603/68060 SOMHz - N/A SCSI £389.95 2O00MHZ PPC 603/68060 5OMtz - with SCSI £459.95


4MB SIMM - 72-pin £14.95 8MB SIMM - 72-pin £19.95 16MB SIMM - 72-pin £39.95 32MB SIMM - Specify model of

accelerator when ordering £59.95 64MB SIMM - Specify model of

accelerator when ordering £139.95 128MB SIMM Slim - Specify model of

accelerator when ordering £199.95 1MB ZIP RAM static column for A3000 £16.95 20MHz PLCC FPU - 68882 for 030/020 £10.00 33MHz PLCC FPU - 68882 for 030/020 £15.00 40MHz PGA FPU - 68882 for 030/020 £20.00 50MHz PGA FPU - 68882 for 030/020 £29.95


Catweasel ZIl MK2 - For Zorro Amigas, inc. Buddha IDE controller for up to six IDE/ATAPI devices £79.95

Catweasel MK2 - High density floppy drive

controller for A1200 £49.95 Kylwalda - Allows use of a standard

PC floppy drive as replacement for DFO £14.95 Catweasel, Kylwalda & HD PC floppy drive

Special bundle inc. a high density drive £75.95 Catweasel & HD PC floppy drive £59.95 Buddha Flash - Zorro IDE controller

for all Zorro Bus Amigas £49.95 Twister MKII - Fast Serial Interface for

the A1200 to improve internet access £29.95 Silver Surfer - Fast Serial Interface for | the A1200 to improve internet access £29.95

Order Special Twister or Silversurfer mechanically compatible with Mediator for an extra £10. Please specify when ordering.

HyperCOM3-+Z - Two fast serial ports/ one fast parallel port for all Amigas with Zorro connectors £49.95

HyperCOM3-+ Desktop - Two fast serial ports /one

fast parallel port for A1200 with clock port £49.95 ProMidi - Midi port for all Amigas £24.95 IOBlix 1200 P

EPP Parallel Port for Mustek Scanners £49.95

IOBlix 4 Fast Serial ports and EPP/ECP parallel port with any Amiga with Zorro slots. £99.95


Cyberstorm MKIll 40MHz 68040 £359.95 Cyberstorm MKIIl SOMHz 68060 £469.95 Cyberstorm PPC 604 233MHz 68040 40MHz £439.95 Cyberstorm PPC 604 233MHz 68060 SOMHz £599.95


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secure e-commerce web


AMIGA 1200 & MOTHERBOARDS Amiga 1200 Magic Pack

The original desktop 1200, with software £99.95 Bare Motherboard inc. 3.1 ROMs The original A1200 motherboard £94.95

2.5” IDE HARD DRIVES Please call for available sizes.


4.3GB IDE- inc.IDE 40 pin to 40 Pin cable only £79.95 15GB IDE - inc.IDE 40 pin to 40 Pin cable only £99.95 30GB IDE - inc.IDE 40 pin to 40 Pin cable only £139.95

Buy any 3.5” IDE Hard Drive and you can order the OS3.5 CD for only £14.95. We will partition and install 3.5 for you with no extra charges. Please remember, OS3.5 needs 3.1 Kickstart Roms,

If in doubt ask when ordering.

Please note that as the pre-3.5/3.90S doesn’t support HardDrives bigger than 4GB, you will need to upgrade to OS3.5/3.9 or buy an Eide99 (1200 Only) or Power Flyer EIDE interface. Both interfaces come with software overcoming ths limitation.

Note also that because 3.5” Hard Drives come with 40 pin to 40 pin IDE cable, in order to connect them to a standard A1200 IDE connector you will need to order an EIDE interface or a stack cable.

If in doubt ask when ordering. For different sizes, please call or see our web site.


9.1GB SCSI - 50-pin or 68-pin UW £159.95

Ultraslim 8x ATAPI! CD-ROM

Drive complete with 4-way buffered interface & EIDE ’99, Allegro s/w, cables

FOR OWNERS OF PHASES BLIZZARD PP AND CYBERSTORM PPC CARDS ONLY! G- REX PCI for A1200 - PCI vhs for : Five PCI 2.1 Slots. ( 32 Bit DMA Mode 2 Data Transfer Rates Up to 25 MB p/sec 1.76 GB of non bank switching address § spa

Blizzard 2040 40MHz 68040 - Inc SCSI £269.95 Requires Blizzard PPC

Blizzard 2060 SOMHz 68060 - Inc SCSI £369.95 ‘Comes with a complete driver package . | Voodoo 3 2000 and 3000 ~

GRAPHIC CARDS | Voodoo 4 4500

BVision - for PPC 603, new MK version £169.55 Voodoo 5 5500

CyberVision PPC 604 £199.95 NIC 10 MB/sec (Realtek Chipse

CyberVision 64 3D £169.95 Suits all Amiga 1200 Towers

ScanDoubler with Flicker Fixer - Int. £69.95 The new G-REX PCI card for Blizzard ppc 603

ScanDoubler with Flicker Fixer - Ext. £58.95 The new G-REX PCI card for Cyberstorm eS


Please note that unlike other dealers, we do not surcharge orders paid by credit card. £8 next day

Neither we charge credit cards (or cash cheques) if the requested product is not in £15 saturday

stock. Our policy is that we cash our money only the day we ship. All trademarks acknowledged.

£15 northern ireland

£5 delivery 2-3 days £8 = monitor/tower/A1200 tu.x. mainiand only)

fel <a 234 -g 57500 ee to 400 email sales@powerc.com

fee iimited

site for more products and technical specifications


CD-ROM, RECORDABLE & REWRITABLE 50x Speed Internal ATAPI (bare unit)

50x Speed External ATAPI - includes case with PSU, cables, 4-way buffered interface with EIDE99, Allegro s/w and Y-audio mixer cable £79.95

32x Speed Internal SCSI (bare unit) £89.95 32x Speed External SCSI - requires SCSI £119.95 8x 8x 32x Internal Rewritable ATAPI (bare) £89.95

8x 8x 32x External Rewritable ATAPI Includes external case with internal PSU and cables, Software to write to CD-R or CDRW’s, (i.e.,MakeCD) and 4-way interface

sold separately £129.95 Box of 20 CD-Rs £10.00 Box of 5 CD-RWs £24.95


8x 8x 32x Internal Rewritable ATAPI £89.95 8x 8x 32x External Rewritable ATAP] £129.95


SCSI controller required £189.95 Zip 250MB Internal ATAPI Drive

EIDE99 and Allegro s/w £129.95 Zip 250MB Internal ATAPI (Bare Unit) £99.95 Zip 100MB Cartridge £12.95

Zip 250MB Cartridge

ZIP 250

For all your

backup needs! FLOPPY DISK DRIVES XL 1.76MB Internal Floppy Drive


£39.95 EE%> Z-IV Bus Board - The ultimate complement

to our successful A1200 Power Tower, Pass-through and compatibility jumpers for all major accelerator cards

Z-IV Bus Board Video Adaptor To activate the video slot on the Z-|V Bus Board

A4000 Original Keyboard A replacement one, or with an adapter/int.



for other Amiga models £39.95 PC Windows Keyboard

An inexpensive alternative to the

original keyboard; requires PC key/ int. £14.95

A1200 Desktop Universal Keyboard Interface - Interface for non-towered Amiga 1200.

It can use Amiga 4000 or PC keyboards £24.95 PCMCIA “V” Adaptor

Rotates 90 degrees the PCMCIA port to allow

the use of PCMCIA cards inside tower cases £19.95 Power SCSI Adaptor

Internal to External SCSI adaptor £19.95

PC Windows Keyboard adaptor for A4000, A3000 and A2000. Supports Multiple key-press(Keyboard sold separately)



£19.95 Ge Bundle 1 - 56.6K V90 modem,

flash upgradable with cables, iBrowse and Net & Web s/w

Bundle 2 - as above plus Silver Surfer fast serial interface £89.95

Order special Twister or Silversurfer mechanically compatible with Mediator for an extra £10.

Please specify when ordering. 56.6Kbps V.90 Modem

oe -_ be - £49.95 Flash upgradable, modem only £49.95 or Towers only. No patch required. 95 Gy

A500/600/1200 Internal 880K £19.95 SVGA MONITORS

A2000 Internal Drive 880K - inc Kylwalda £35.95 15” SVGA Monitor £119.95 A4000 Internal 880K - inc Kylwalda £35.95 17” .27 pitch SVGA Monitor £159.95 PC880E External for all Amiga models £39.95 EPSON PRINTERS & CONSUMABLES

PC Floppy Disk Drive £14.95


Artec AM12s - 600 x 1200dpi optical resolution Requires a suitable SCSI interface and software (Scanquix 5.0CD) £99.95

Artec scanner bundle - Artec AM12s, ete 5.0CD and squirrel (For A600 and A1200 only)

Epson perfection 1200 SCSI - Requires a suitable SCSI interface and software (Scanquix 5.0CD)

Epson perfection bundle - Epson perfection 1200 and scanquix 5.0CD the scanner requires a suitable SCSI interface £296.95




Mediator PCI 1200 £139.95 4 PCI 2.1 compatible slots, 132MB/s between

PC] cards, ready to run with existing Amiga

68k and PPC accelerator cards.

(Needs an A1200 motherboard housed in a tower case).

Mediator PCI ZIV £169.95 (Needs an A1200 motherboard housed in a tower case

and a ZIV bus board).

Mediator PCI ZIV £149.95 (Only for A4000 motherboard housed in a Power Tower

A4000 Mke tower case).

Mediator PCI Zorro III £149.95 (Only for Amiga computers with fully functional Zorro Ill slots).


S3 VIRGE 4MB graphics card £29.95 3dfx Voodoo3 2000 16MB graphics card £79.95 3dfx Voodoo3 3000 16MB graphics card £109.95 3dfx Voodoo4 4500 32MB graphics card £169.95 Ethernet 10/100Mbps network card £24.95 TV video card - Available soon £69.95 Soundblaster 128 sound card - Available soon £29.95 Soundblaster Live! Player 1024 sound card

Available soon £49.95 Shark PPC G3/G4 750@ 400Mtz - Available soon £269.95 Shark PPC G3/G4 750@ 550M+z - Available soon £369.95

Please call to check compatibilities with available Amiga software.


Punchinello MKII supports directly mice with one or two wheels and up to four buttons.

Punchinello MKII £19.95

Punchinello MKIi & 3 button mouse and wheel £14.95


(Needs Punchinello MKII)

POWER TOWERS A1200 Power Tower Kit only

Inc. tower case, PSU, universal keyboard interface, PC keyboards, fascia for floppy drive, fitting kit and instruction manual. Ideal for Mediator PC! and

GREX boards. £119.95 A1200 Power Tower 1

As above, but fully assembled and with a new 3.1 ROMs

A1200 motherboard, floppy drive and mouse £219.95

A1200 Power Tower 2

As Power Tower 1, with Apollo 1240 40MHz, 8MB of RAM, 8.4GB Hard Drive, 4-way EIDE-ATAPI buffered interface, EIDESS and AllegroCDFS software.

A1200 Power Tower 3 As Power Tower 2, but with 16MB instead and a 50x ATAPI CD-ROM drive.

A1200 Power Tower 4

As Power Tower 3, but with 32MB instead, and Mediator PCI, Voodoo3 2000 graphics card, Ethernet Network card wit hPower-LAN software, 15” SVGA monitor, external audio

port for CD-ROM drive and speaers.




Power Computing Limited, Unit 82a, Singer Way, Woburn Road Industrial Estate, Kempston MK42 7PU. ENGLAND.


Power-LAN (PCMCIA Ethernet card A1200) include networking software & CC-Reset fix,

no soldering required £54.95 XSurf Zorro Card £89.95 SOFTWARE Amiga OS 3.5 Developer CD V2.1 Supporting tools and information for Amiga developers £19.95 Cyber GraphX V4 - Professional version of the software for graphics cards £19.95 Aminet Set 9 - Aminet Set 9 includes four CDs with the best of the biggest collection of Public Domain and Shareware software for Amiga £19.95 PowerMovie - Animation editing software £14.95 Red Mars - CDROM game £15.95 Breathless - Award winning 3D game £5.00 Amiga Magic Pack Software Includes Wordworth 4.5SE, Turbocalc 3.5, Datastore 1.1, Photogenic 1.2SE, Personal Paint 6.4, Organizer 1.1, Pinball Mania and Wizz £14.95 Amiga Magic Pack software with Kickstart 3.1 ROMs for A1200 £39.95 Aminet Games - 1500 compressed archives of games from the Aminet collection £14.95 [E® Aminet Set 10 £19.95 £69.95 [E> Aminet 41 £14.95 Big Red Adventure - CDROM game £5.00 Directory Opus - Magellan II £49.95 Scala MM400 £55.95 CamControl - software for digital cameras £25.95 ScanQuix 5.0 CD Scanning software Supports Epson GT family, Mustek, Artek, Canon and Umax. CD only £54.95 iBrowse 2 / Net & Web £34.95

Make CD DAO - Backup, duplicate, create CDs £49.95 Turbo Print 7.16 - full new version £38.95 Turbo Print 7 upgrade - from v5/6 to 7 £18.95 Turbo Print 7.10 upgrade - from v7 to 7.10 £14.95


Official Amiga Mouse and mat £9.95 Replacement 230W Tower PSU - Please

specify if for A1200 or A4000 Powr Tower £39.95 CD32 Joypad (for any Amiga) £9.95

Original internal A1200 replacement k/board £14.95 Original Amiga 1200 replacement PSU £9.95 SuperBuster chip rev. 11 £49.95

Parallel Port Data Switch - to connect two printers to one computer. Includes cable to connect the box to the parallel port of the computer £19.95

A4000 Power Tower MK2

With new redesigned bus board with 7 ZORRO I! / Ill slots, 5 PCI slots, 1 slot video. PC! slots are activated by the optional Mediator PC! for A4000.

Features also 230watt PSU, 3x 5.25” external bays,

2x 3.5” external bays, 6x 3.5” internal bays and instruction manual.


Power Flyer A1200 Gold

Power Flyer A1200 Gold Upgrade Socket raise :

£49.95 £10.00

Mediator PCI 1200 £139.95

News Could we be looking at the fastest Amiga ever?

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More predictions of upcoming events.

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Installation woes and Bill & Fleecy’s excellent adventure.

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Archer Maclean reveals his

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Prometheus Son of lapetus, said to have stolen fire from Olympus and to have bestowed it on mortals... or just another PC] busboard for the Amiga?


Yet another occurence of the 39: phrase “Yet Another Release of Yet Another Mailer”

Modems Modulate, demodulate. Modulate, demodulate. ° They all do the same thing, but no two modems look the same. Question is, what should you be looking for in a modem?

36 NextGen

Following announcements of new hardware clad in stainless steel, and bold plans to sell to the masses, we investigate the futuristic, brushed metal world of Merlancia Industries.

38 Shareware A decidedly textual theme this month.

40. Active Media

Discover how the ‘net works with the aid of a few jellly- beans. Don’t eat them all!



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cxtra! Extra! Read all about it! Turn your Workbench

into a haven

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Two Computers... ...are better than one. Let's face it, there are some things the Amiga can’t do. Some people let their loyalty get in the way of sampling the best

third way. We'll show you how to use an Amiga and PC in harmony.

Digital Video Moving pictures have come a long way since 1985, but the terminology isn’t getting any easier. What is it all about, and what does it all mean for the Amiga?

Foreign Invasion! Getting to grips with the multitude of document formats created by other platforms can be a nightmare. We show you how to ease the pain.

Photogenics Continuing our latest Masterclass series, we look at a few more advanced techniques in Photogenics.

0OS3.9 Concluding our OS3.9 : ; series, it’s time to add some | agggieameseciaaae asco


multimedia functionality and . ween divulge some of our top tips : Not very photogenic lipstick. for the latest Amiga OS.

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Genetic Species This is the full version of this game, no made freely available to the Amiga community. It is BIG so we had to compress it to make room on the CD for the other goodies we have for you. There is an installer to uncompress it to your hard drive, you'll need around 320MB of free space.

lab 0c : ab Amiga a.

d of Genes; enes

Gnd full version sll imidity

player with PPC support, PLUS... internet utilities, dri

mos, mods, web she

top Amiga companj panies much, much more... =

sa interface NNanced f, OS 3.5, <

<< me Using thig disc

Last Month and Updates These are two new drawers added to the CD. The CD goes to press before the magazine, so we cannot always include support files for all articles. The Last Month drawer contains support files for articles in the previous month’s Amiga Active, as well as fixes for any problems that may have surfaced.

The Updates drawer contains links to any updates to previous AACD software. It means you can quickly check for new versions of software you already use as soon as you load the CD.


All the files mentioned in last month’s OS 3.9 Masterclass, plus plenty more for this month’s article. To really get the most from OS 3.9, read the Masterclasses before trying the software.

..and much, much more!

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Player 7


n Amiga emulator has arrived in the miga Active offices this month which, if released, will be on the Christmas list of every Amiga owner with a PC.

Why? Because it’s fast - and when we say fast, we don’t mean “as fast as a 68k Amiga” or “a little faster than an ‘060/50.” No, when we say fast, we mean this thing will blow your socks off. If we were ¢o show you a video of this Amiga emulator running, you'd probably accuse us of speeding up the tape. And the version we have been allowed to see is already several months old.

We aren't at liberty to tell you who created this emulator, nor can we divulge which software platform it runs on top of. All we can disclose about the host is that it’s a small, powerful operating system not dissimilar in many respects to the classic Amiga OS. It isn’t Linux, and it certainly isn’t Windows.


/\//2 News

time to experiment with this emulator ourselves before going to press, but we have been able

to run a couple of

applications to gauge | its performance. Before talking about the results of our tests, however, we should tell you what we can about the technicalities.

Features The hardware platform is standard x86 PC fare, which means we were able to run this Amiga emulator on a beefy 1.2GHz AMD Athlon. It is a 68k Amiga emulator - PPC doesn’t enter into the equation. Current features of the emulation we have been shown include CD- ROM support via CacheCDFS and network support (without TCP/IP on the Amiga side - network calls are re-routed through the host OS). Missing features which either have been - or will be - added to later versions include printing, audio support (via a pre-configured installation of AHI on the Amiga side) and joystick support. AGA chipset emulation is also missing from this early beta version, so classic Amiga games cannot be run, unlike on WinUAE.

Other games, however, like Quake - the original 68k conversion from ClickBOOM,

We haven't had a lot of

not the later PPC ports or the 3D accelerated PPC version, GLQuakeWOS - do work. Which is where it gets interesting. A fresh installation of 68k Quake, without any patches or tweaks, runs slowly on even the fastest 68k Amiga. Take a look back at issue 7 of Amiga Active and you'll see that we ran ‘Timedemo Demo2’ from the Quake console on an ‘060/50 Amiga and achieved a mere 2.9tps (frames per second) at a resolution of 640x480. In last month’s review of the WinUAE Amiga emulator with Just In Time compilation engine (also running on a 1.2GHz AMD machine like this emulator), the same fresh install of Quake achieved just over 6fps. Not bad for an emulation, but certainly nothing special.

By contrast, on this Amiga emulator, Quake at 640x480 runs ata slick 24fps and is still playable at 1024x768, where it manages a quite impressive 12fps. Remind yourselves that this is 68k Quake we're talking about. GLQuakeWOS - a 3D accelerated, PowerPC port of Quake, is still a lot slower on an Amiga equipped with a BlizzardPPC accelerator and Permedia2 BVision 3d graphics card (14.8tps at 640x480).


Before you read any further, check your calendars. It isn’t April Fools’ Day, is it? Okay, read on.

Atter trying out Quake, we had to try Payback. A quick test with the demo from AACD19 contirmed our suspicions - the Quake test wasn’t rigged. It’s a little tricky to judge, but after blowing a few cars up we’d say that at 1280x1024, Payback runs at a similar speed as it does at 320x256 on an ‘060/50.

Action, OS3.9’s default movie player, doesn’t work on the emulator as yet, but Frogger does. We watched Bill Gates getting pied at full speed, then increased Frogger’s window to cover the whole Workbench screen (1280x1024) and watched again - at around 10fps. As for Workbench operation, windows full of icons open like greased lightning and large screen backdrops appear in just a couple of seconds.

There are bugs to iron out, admittedly. But we still can’t wait for this Amiga emulator to be released. That's all we can say for now. We'll keep you posted.

68k Quake. Very big. Very fast.

Active News (A

Psion hefocuses

ust as we were going to press, Psion announced that it J is to pull away from the comsumer handheld sector

and refocus on industrial and enterprise markets and strategic investment.

The announcement comes after an extensive review of Its businesses highlighted Psion’s continued poor performance in the handheld computer sector and related mobile communications markets.

Psion’s planned range of Bluetooth-enabled products for the consumer market, which were due to be launched in the second half of the year, have been cancelled due to the “slower than anticipated establishment” of the wireless technology.

Psion’s netBook range for education and corporate markets will still be developed under Psion Digital and the existing line of Psion handhelds will continue to be supported and sold, whilst the company’s existing IP (Intellectual Property) rights will allow them to develop “innovative mobile networking products and solutions in high value markets.” Psion also intends to increase revenue by licensing its IP to other companies.

Although Psion Group's provisional revenues for the first half of 2001 are up five percent on last year, revenues for Psion Digital have dropped to £36million from £77m for the same period in 2000. By contrast, Psion’s enterprise division, Psion Teklogix - who in March announced a relationship with Amiga’s OS partner Tao Group - reported revenues of £63m compared to £17m last year (although it should be noted that Psion Teklogix was created from the merger of Teklogix Operations, acquired by Psion in September 2000).

New Enterprise

“Psion Teklogix, operating in profitable wireless enterprise markets, will show continued growth this year, despite cutbacks in capital spending in North America.” stated Psion CEO David Levin. “It is set to extend its position as our main operating division and we will be launching a new range of industrial products in September”.

Having sold between five and six million handhelds since it entered the market in the 1980s, Psion’s decision to focus their attention on enterprise solutions draws a veil over many Amiga users’ hopes for an AmigaDE-powered Psion handheld for the consumer market. The business sector, however, has much brighter prospects, with Psion Teklogix and Tao Group working together to provide advanced Java solutions thanks to Tao’s intent JTE (Java Technology Edition) which runs on top of Psion’s EPOC operating system.

Psion will also continue its investment in Symbian to develop an operating system for the next generation of mobile phones, PCs and handhelds. The company isn’t ruling out a return to the consumer handheld sector, although they are unlikely to return before forming additional partnerships.

www.psion.com >


Calm before the storm?

t’s been a relatively quiet month for us this month, J vn fewer than usual products being released in the Amiga market. Difficult to believe, we know.

| guess it’s only to be expected though, what with it being Summer (well, I’m told it should be happening round about now...). We expect everyone’s out rollerblading down the promenade or forgetting to pack the deodorant before heading off to one of the many Summer music festivals. Some of us have to work, you know! So when you're on your way to or from the beach, spare a thought for us, couped up indoors, resisting the urge to go outside and roast meat products over an open flame because we know you'll only drag us over the hot coals if the next issue of AA isn’t up to scratch.

There are always notable exceptions, however, and this month is no, um... different. The arrival of the Prometheus was relatively quiet compared to its predecossors, but it gave us yet another reason to open up an Amiga and have a rummage about inside, which is never a bad thing in our book. The latest version of YAM also appeared, giving us yet another reason to use the phrase “yet another” in varied and interesting ways. Then, just as we thought we’d drained the Amiga market dry of news and reviews in preparing this very issue for your enjoyment, a new Amiga emulator lands on our doormat (see lead news story, left) and we duly spent several hours just before deadline grinning like Cheshire cats whilst playing 68k Quake at absurdly high resolutions.

Without having to make cups of coffee between screen redraws. We pinched ourselves repeatedly, but I’m happy to report that we weren’t dreaming.

So what can you expect from this issue of Amiga Active besides an abundance of features and tutorials on everything from using a PC with your Amiga to touching up a cartoon bloke’s lips in Photogenics? How about a flying car in our fresher looking Nextgen section (p36), some pastel coloured peripherals in our Modem Roundup (p32) or some tasty jellybeans that feature quite abundantly in this month’s Active Media (p40)? They might have been more abundant, only someone in the office (who Must Absolutely Remain Knameless) was hungry and lacking in self-control!

Anyway, | hope you enjoy this issue. Needless to say we'd appreciate your feedback - and donations to the office ice lolly fund - as always.

David Stroud, Editor.


Maturity and Innovation

uman advancement is | widely recognised as oN

being a two-stage process. A new tool, activity or view emerges and is taken on board by a small minority, “early adopters”. At this point, the new idea is crude by design. This is both a pull to the early adopters, who tend to love looking ‘inside the box’ and a push to the vast majority who are interested not in the new itself but in how it will make their lives better.

During this first stage, the entrepreneurs see the potential of the new. They try to ‘mature’ it, covering up its internals and simplifying its interface so the task becomes more important than the tool itself. In effect, they take the ‘techno’ out of ‘technological’, leaving a simple, logical product or service that appeals to the mass market.

The history of computing is one of a new technology that has resolutely refused the maturing process and singularly failed to ignite the promised digital revolution. If any proof is needed, look at where the word “digital” is applied - in very product-centric markets: digital cameras, digital recording, digital TVs - almost everywhere but the one place where it should be applied: the computer.

The reason for this is simple - the mass market wants the service, enjoyment and activity without any of the distraction, frustration and pain of having to deal with its implementation. The compact disc is a prime example. The user sees it not as a multiple layers of polymer and metal but as a band’s album. They see it as music, and they expect to be able to play that music anywhere - in the car, on the train, when using the computer, in the living room - and they can.

Unfortunately, as is often the way during late maturity, there is often a drive by companies to extend the reach of existing technology rather than take the risk of further innovation.

Amiga saw this happening many years ago, with personal computers and existing software products being pushed as a solution to everything when they clearly were not. We realised that the Internet is wonderful at what it does, but that there was a new type of content around the corner that required the same ease of use and ubiquity, only with a different implementation: executable content.

In the next few weeks, all our hard work, and the hard work of our partners at Tao and the Amiga companies such as Hyperion, e.p.i.c. and Titan will come to fruition when Amiga is able to launch the